Wyze Cam Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Overview: Person Detection and More

The Wyze Cam security incident suggests replacing it because users accessed others’ homes. Wyze Cam Plus adds indoor/outdoor security and person detection.

The Wyze Cam security incident suggests replacing it because users accessed others’ homes. Wyze Cam Plus adds indoor/outdoor security and person detection.

Wyze Cam, a Chinese smart home company, has been impacted by a security breach that occurred last week. The breach occurred when videos captured by other people’s cameras were uploaded to the Wyze app accounts of customers. The incident occurred as the engineers of the company rushed to bring the cameras back online after they had been taken offline on Friday morning due to an outage on a server hosted by Amazon Web Services.

While working to bring the cameras back online, the company ran into a security issue while they were working to bring the cameras back online. Several users noticed that the thumbnails and videos linked to their Events tab were displayed incorrectly. In an email sent to customers on Monday and received by Trusted Reviews, the company immediately removed access to the Events tab and initiated an investigation.

Most affected users saw a thumbnail of a camera feed that did not belong to their camera, and tapping on it caused the thumbnail to expand. This was the case for the majority of the affected users. Additionally, in certain situations, tapping the thumbnail would result in the display of an event video image. Wyze reported that 13,0000 people were affected by the issue displaying the incorrect thumbnail for the home, with 1,504 people tapping on that thumbnail. The team resolved the issue. The company further stated that it is informing the accounts that were affected, although 99.75% of all accounts were not affected.

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Wyze announced that it will add an extra layer of verification for users connected to event videos (also known as videos recorded due to motion detection, etc.) to prevent similar incidents in the future. The company is aware of the disheartening news and is working to make progress in restoring trust.

Although Wyze cameras are relatively inexpensive and surprisingly effective at what they do, security has become a concern in recent times. According to a report that surfaced in February 2022, cybersecurity company Bitdefender had informed Wyze about a vulnerability in its cameras that could allow attackers to view a live video feed from users who were unaware of the vulnerability. Bitdefender informed the company about the vulnerability, but it took almost three years to close the security loophole.

Wyze users received an email today explaining that an outage occurred on Friday, February 16, due to a problem with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that disrupted service for a few hours (via The Verge). There was a period of time when a small percentage of Wyze users received event notifications from Wyze cameras that were not their own. Approximately 13,000 customers received event notifications from another user, and of those customers, 1,504 users interacted with the alerts and took action.

These security issues such as these will deter potential customers looking for a sense of security and peace of mind in their homes. Although Wyze is being forthright about this incident and moving quickly to resolve the problem, it is important to note that there is a wide selection of low-cost options available on the market today.

Wyze Cam Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Overview

Wyze Cam records and sends notifications to your phone when conditions are detected, ensuring only relevant notifications are received. To view content for up to 28 days, purchase a 128 GB microSD card. Wyze Cam also alerts you when a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm sounds, ensuring you are notified immediately. Keep an eye out for motion in specific areas.

Wyze is a reliable and affordable security camera that detects people, sends fast smart alerts, and records 1080p video for clarity. It is wire-free, battery-powered, and requires a base station. The Wyze Outdoor Cam operates in temperatures ranging from -4 to 122F and weighs 1.2 pounds. It runs on two 2,600 mAh integrated rechargeable batteries, providing three to six months of operation.

The Wyze Outdoor Cam Starter Bundle includes the base station, which can hold up to four cameras, making it a great value for under $50. The camera has clear two-way talk, 1080p video, and night vision. It is easy to setup, with a quick setup process.

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The camera is IP65, water-resistant but not waterproof, and has survived a few rainstorms in Central Florida. With its under $50 price and free 14 days of rolling cloud storage, Wyze’s outdoor security camera is a great value for those looking for a reliable and affordable security solution.

Person Detection and more with Wyze Cam Plus

Wyze Cam Plus offers various functions like Person Detection, unlimited cloud storage, and package, transportation, and animal detection with a premium subscription.

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