The third season of "Yellowstone" is set to premiere on CBS on Sunday, January 14th, following a holiday hiatus.

 The Dutton family faces a new set of challenges after saving Tate from his captors, Malcolm and Teal Beck, who had handed him over to white supremacists.

John Dutton, the livestock commissioner, plans to resign and accept responsibility, expecting the governor to stop the investigation.

At Yellowstone, Rip and Kayce discuss the condition of the pasture and agree to move the cows out with vigilant supervision.

John tells Beth that he is resigning, but Kayce is uninterested in the news and suggests that Beth or Jamie should be the one to take over.

The fans of Yellowstone point out a significant flaw in the narrative... There is a Reason to Believe That This Is Not Actually One

Check out the fourth episode of Yellowstone's fifth season, which is titled "Horses in Heaven." It is available for your viewing pleasure.

Yellowstone' season 2 episode 10 finale might see the death of a certain Dutton family member with dire consequences for everyone