Simone Johnson, the eldest daughter of The Rock, has just became the first athlete in the WWE to come from a fourth generation.

 She made her first appearance with the ring name Ava Raine, but an official confirmation has been made.

The NXT ring name that she used during her debut was highlighted in a recent social media post that was published by a news source.

 Ava, the daughter of The Rock, has been doing well in her role as the new general manager of WWE NXT.

Fans received confirmation of the transition when William Regal appeared on the brand to commend her and request her stewardship.

Ava arranged a no-disqualification match between Dijak and Joe Gacy on NXT Vengeance Day 2024, which was officially confirmed after Ava accepted Dijak's request.

Dwayne Johnson, known as 'The Rock', gained fame and recognition under his wrestling persona, but his wrestling persona was not his own.