Valentine's Day, also known as Valentine's Week, is a time for couples to express their love and affection.

 Proposal Day is an ideal opportunity to advance a relationship, especially if both partners are certain about each other's emotions.

The roots of Proposal Day are uncertain, but it is believed to have originated from 1477 when Austrian Archduke Maximilian proposed to Mary of Burgundy.

The day is characterized by expressing desire to build memories, commit to a lifelong partnership, and to spend an infinite amount of time in each other's company.

The day is characterized by expressing enduring affection, transformation, and a desire to age alongside each other.

The day is also a time for appreciation and companionship, with promises to maximize the quality of each moment.

The day is a time to express gratitude for the presence of each other, to accompany each other during emotional distress, and to cherish each other's flaws and vulnerabilities.

 The day is a time to deepen the bond of love and unity, to bring abundant joy into each other's life, and to be steadfastly by each other during adversity.