The US Department of State has issued travel advisories for the Bahamas and Jamaica due to high rates of violent crime.

The Bahamas has issued a Level 2 travel advisory due to the high number of homicides, burglaries, and armed robberies.

The US Travel Advisories for the Bahamas and Jamaica have been issued due to reports of sexual assaults by jet ski operators.

US travel advisories for Bahamas and Jamaica suggest the necessity of physical or digital passports for identification purposes.

The US has issued Level 3 travel advisories for Jamaica and the Bahamas due to concerns about crime and medical services.

The alert states that armed robberies, homicides, and sexual assaults are common, especially at all-inclusive resorts.

Jamaican authorities often delay the issuance of final death certificates for families of U.S. citizens killed in accidents or homicides.

US Travel Advisories for Bahamas and Jamaica advise caution in short-term vacation rental properties due to lower security measures and recommend traveler's insurance, including medical coverage.