The archipelagic nation of the Maldives, located in South Asia, is home to more than one hundred different species of fish.  


A temperature that runs from 79 to 93 degrees Fahrenheit may be found in the seas of the country, which are clear and gentle.  


Through the use of his iPhone 15 Pro Max and the ProShot case, Shmuel Thaler was able to take photographs underwater.  


The Maldives is the smallest country in Asia, consisting of 26 atolls and a population of approximately 521,000 people 


The Maldivian constitution established Islam as the official state religion in 2008, limiting land ownership and citizenship to Sunni Muslims. 


The scope of this site extends to include every single species of shark. An adoration for the lemon shark 


Carcharhinus melanopterus and Reef White-tipped Sharks are depicted in this stock photograph that was created underwater and offered for hire horizontally. 


Carcharhinus melanopterus, sometimes known as the Blacktip Reef Shark, is a species of coral reef shark that lived in prehistoric times.