Adventurers' paradise Ladakh was the perfect place to start this list. Ladakh is always special, but one with a best friend is unforgettable.

Visit the ruins with a history buff. With friends, explore Hampi's temples and monuments. Visit Hampi's UNESCO World Heritage Site's intricate architecture with friends.

Are you and your friends firmly believers in ‘Sisters Before Misters’? Then Pondicherry is the place for you. The place is exciting and safe to travel to with your BFF 

Manali is a popular college travel destination in India. Manali's happening vibes, scenic beauty, and picturesque mountains draw young tourists from across the country.  

Want to have a thrilling experience with your friends under the water? Now, escape to Andaman for maximum adventure underwater. 

Delhi may not seem like a vacation spot, but it's one of India's most exciting cities. This bustling city is full of monuments that tell its rich history.  

Auli is our next friend-travel destination. If you and your best friend are thrill-seekers looking for adrenaline rushes, Auli is perfect.  

Kasol may not be as popular as Shimla, Manali and a few other hill stations in North India, but it is undoubtedly among the country’s most serene and gorgeous hill stations 

Gokarna  Beachgoers like you and your friend should visit Gokarna in South India. It has peaceful beaches for sunsets over the ocean. 

Rishikesh finds a place on this list of best places in India to visit with your best friend, owing to its unparalleled white-water rafting scene