Known for its distinct stripes and lack of conflict, Belcher's Sea Snake is the most venomous snake globally.

There are individuals of the venomous snake species known as rattlesnakes that can be found all over the American continent.

The death adder, which is believed to have originated in Australia and New Guinea, is the third most poisonous snake in the world.

The Inland Taipan, native to Asia, is extremely venomous and can cause fatalities in up to 100 individuals

The Eastern Brown Snake is considered the most perilous due to its proximity to densely populated areas.

 The blue krait snake, less renowned than other species, possesses venom 16 times more potent than the cobra.

The black mamba, which is native to Africa, is the world's fastest snake and simultaneously the longest snake that has ever been discovered.

Known for its width and yellow bands, this snake is indigenous to Australia and can be identified by its physical characteristics.

It is possible for the Philippine Cobra to cause direct contact with its target, which allows it to poison without even biting.