Tom Cruise is set to return to the high-risk role of Top Gun 3, following the release of the eighth installment of Mission: Impossible

Cruise has signed a non-exclusive agreement with Warner Bros., but remains actively engaged with Paramount.

 Paramount is developing Top Gun 3, the latest addition to the series, with Ehren Kruger and Joseph Kosinski enlisted for the project.

Additionally, Cruise is collaborating with NASA on a space project that is being carried out at Universal Studios.

 Rumors suggest intense aerial battles, the return of familiar characters, and Maverick's upcoming mission.

The release of the upcoming Top Gun film may be delayed due to Cruise's busy schedule for Mission: Impossible 8.

An additional cast of characters, including Rooster, Hangman, and Penny, might appear in the eventual sequel.

There are still unresolved matters regarding the ultimate strategy for the third installment of Top Gun.