The film portrays Robert Oppenheimer and Albert Einstein as close friends, but their real-life relationship differs significantly.

Oppenheimer seeks Einstein's help in solving a potentially dangerous theory, despite their contrasting views. 

Einstein, a pacifist, felt remorse for his involvement in the Manhattan Project, which he was not invited to join due to his socialist beliefs. 

Einstein's perspective on Oppenheimer was influenced by his willingness to collaborate with the US government, a sentiment echoed by the novel American Prometheus.

Einstein also had a distaste for Oppenheimer's instructional techniques and contrasting ideologies, which undermined their significance in the film.

Oppenheimer's discussion about the possibility of a successful nuclear fission could have been avoided due to their divergent scientific disciplines and ideologies. 

The film "Oppenheimer," directed by Christopher Nolan, is the subject of this analysis, which focuses on a bomb and the aftermath of the bombing. 

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