Prawn malaikari, a well-known Bengali staple, disproves the misconception that coconut and coconut milk are only used in South Indian recipes.

Hilsa fish steamed with a mustard mixture—bhapa ilish—is a popular dish in Bengal and is enjoyed with a plate of steamed rice.

A regular sit-down Bengali lunch or dinner will undoubtedly amaze you with the variety of bhajas or fries and fritters available.  

Another food that is considered to be a staple in West Bengal is jhal muri, which is the Bengali equivalent of bhel. 

Deep-fried puris-like luchis are essential to Bengali parties. Crispy maida luchis are a Bengali family staple for special occasions. 

A food coma will result. Fish wrapped in banana leaves with mustard and coconut is steamed to make delicious bhetki-macher paturi.

Bengalis like poppy seeds. They do. Why not improve taste? This potato dish features Bengali posto, ridge and pointed gourds, red and green chillies, and coconut milk.

Sandesh This delicacy is made of chenna, a cheese curd that adds a wonderful flavor to this immensely popular Bengali sweet.