BJP President J P Nadda to launch nationwide campaign for purifying sacred sites and their surroundings.

Participants will include ministers of the Union as well as party leaders at both the national and state levels.

The campaign will continue until the 20th of January, which is the day of the ceremony of consecration.

In order to encourage participation in the initiative, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will be present.

at the residence of the Prime Minister, a key meeting of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) to discuss the selection of chief ministers for three states

Roadshows and meetings with various organisations are on the agenda during JP Nadda's two-day visit to the election-bound state of Gujarat.

Alterations to the Cabinet Making Prior to the ElectionsThere is a meeting between the Ministers and the Chief of the BJP.

There have been rumours that the Cabinet of the Union will be reshuffled, and Prime Minister Modi has met with Amit Shah and JP Nadda