Taylor Swift's lawyers are warning Jack Sweeney, a university student who monitors Swift's private jets, of potential legal consequences.

Sweeney, who gained fame in 2022 for monitoring Elon Musk's plane, monitors billionaires, politicians, and other prominent people's planes using FAA data.

Swift's Instagram accounts provide an approximation of the aircraft's carbon emissions, which are the most carbon-intensive mode of travel.

Swift's lawyers ordered Sweeney to stop stalking and harassing her, claiming it caused irreversible damage, emotional and physical suffering, and a persistent fear for her well-being.

Swift's legal representatives argue that sharing publicly accessible flight data constitutes a breach of privacy.

 Swift has encountered multiple stalking behavior, leading to the arrest of one man outside her residence in New York in January.

Swift owns one private plane, the Dassault Falcon 900, which was previously registered with SATA LLC, a Nashville-based company.

 Swift previously owned two exclusive aircraft: the Dassault 900 and a Dassault 7X, with Island Jet Inc. currently owning the Dassault 7X aircraft.