Swift's fans, known as Swifties, have been circulating obscene and graphic images of her using AI, causing widespread outrage and indignation.

The images, which depict Swift subjected to sexual assault during a game, have caused widespread indignation among internet users.

Swift, who was named Time Magazine's most important person of 2023, is known as "Swiftonomics" for her influence on society, politics, and the economy.

 Swift's fans have advised others to counteract the spread of the AI images by inundating social media with videos showcasing her past tours.

 Three recent instances of deepfakes involving Swift, X company proprietor Elon Musk, and political figure Biden have been reported.

 Swift's supporters have initiated a wave of tweets under the hashtag 'Taylor Swift AI', which quickly gained popularity overnight.

Currently, Travis Kelce's game is being attended by a multitude of celebrities, including Taylor Swift, amongst others.