Famous tattoo artist Kat Von D won a jury's ruling that her Miles Davis tattoo, inspired by photographer Jeffrey Sedlik, does not violate his copyright.

The jury found that Von D's tattoo, created on her friend's arm, does not significantly resemble the original photograph, a victory for the tattoo industry.

 Sedlik's legal representatives argued that Von D "appropriated" Sedlik's portrait, which is eligible for copyright safeguards.

Von D denied that she made any money off of the tattoo and stated that she added "motion" to the photograph as she was tattooing it.

The panel found that even a social media post where Von D used a light box to outline portions of the Davis photo did not exhibit significant resemblance.

 Von D expressed no intention of tattooing again and expressed her willingness to assist Blake Farmer, who has the Davis tattoo on his arm.

The tattoo industry uses reference photos without permission or a license before tattooing customers, therefore the case might disrupt it.

Despite the fact that she is a stalker, Kat Von D drives a Bentley Continental and has a friend working with her.