Tampa Bay Buccaneers' emotional distress following a 31-23 loss to the Detroit Lions in the Divisional Round.

Immediately following the conclusion of the game, quarterback Mayfield demonstrated a significant amount of mental distress.

The Buccaneers' participation in Sunday's game was dependent on Mayfield's performance, which was vital.

 Tampa Bay offered Mayfield a contract to demonstrate his worth during the summer, reducing costs after Tom Brady's departure.

 Mayfield aspires to make a comeback to Tampa in 2024, expressing his strong affection for the Bucs.

 Mayfield desires the presence of Pro Bowl receiver Mike Evans as a fellow free agent in a potential reunion in Tampa.

Bucs general manager Jason Licht acknowledges Mayfield's exceptional performance and the potential for a successful return.

Mayfield's exceptional performance this season has significantly increased his market value, despite the Buccaneers falling short on Sunday.