Both the Ravens and Chiefs are in contention for their first AFC Championship in over a decade and sixth consecutive conference crown.

 The Ravens have won their divisional round encounter by 24 points, while the Chiefs have made it to the conference title game for the sixth consecutive year.

 Lamar Jackson has been a key player in the Chiefs' run defense, accumulating 100 running yards on 11 rushes and scoring two touchdowns.

The Chiefs have a run defense that is considered to be of the middle-tier, since they allowed roughly 2,000 yards of rushing throughout the season.

Jackson's longest rush in this game is 17.5, a benchmark he has surpassed in four consecutive games.

 Beckham's involvement in the Ravens' offensive strategy has been inconsistent, with him receiving no more than three passes in four consecutive matches.

 Mark Andrews' return to the roster may decrease the likelihood of Beckham having a high number of receptions.

 The Ravens' offense has been doing well in the absence of Andrews, partly due to the consistent performance of tight end Isaiah Likely.