Siraj became the second Indian to take five wickets before lunch on the first day of play, a feat that has been achieved only once in Test cricket history.

South Africa's score of 55 all-out in Test cricket against India is the lowest ever recorded, surpassing New Zealand's 62 all-out at Wankhede in 2021.

For the first time in all men's tests since 2001, India seized the lead in the first inning in just 9.4 overs.

Siraj took six or more wickets in just nine overs, the lowest number of overs ever required by an Indian bowler.

Only 15 runs were allowed to be scored against Siraj, which is the second-lowest amount of runs allowed by an Indian bowler.

 South African batters had a 36.67% rate of not-in-control shots during the first 20 overs, resulting in the loss of eight wickets.

India vs South Africa 2nd Test, Day 1 LIVE Score: India 153/4 to 153 All-out, South Africa Turn Fortunes in 11 Ball