Boeing's financial performance has become more uncertain as a result of the crisis involving the 737 Max 9.

Boeing's financial performance improved in 2021, but a fuselage panel rupture on a 737 Max 9 aircraft prevented it from providing a 2024 forecast.

Boeing's financial performance, including the 737 Max 9 crisis, was notably lower than anticipated, with an adjusted loss per share of 47 cents.

Boeing's financial performance, including the 737 Max 9 crisis, was disappointingly low, with revenue falling short of the expected $21.1 billion.

Boeing's CEO, Dave Calhoun, is facing scrutiny to restore the company's standing among airline customers, regulators, and the public. 

Federal investigators are investigating a potential issue with the 737 Max 9 aircraft, which was transferred to Alaska Airlines, affecting Boeing's financial performance.

The Federal Aviation Administration has approved Boeing's 737 Max 9 flight, but it will restrict its planned increase in production.

Boeing's 737 Max is the company's best-selling plane, and an increase in production delays could impede its financial objectives and impact suppliers and customers. 

Boeing has initiated production stand-downs to address manufacturing issues and explore potential enhancements to Boeings processes. 

Boeing will not pursue a safety exemption for the Max 7 regarding its de-icing system, instead focusing on developing an engineering solution.