After taking a break from the film industry since 2018, Shah Rukh Khan has announced the release of three films since his return

Pathaan, his first film, generated a net revenue of Rs 543 crore in India and a total revenue of Rs 1050 crore internationally.

Jawan, his second film, garnered a total of Rs 1157 crore globally and earned Rs 640 crore in India.

By October, SRK had become the top-earning Indian actor of the year with a total revenue of Rs 2200 crore.

 Dunki, his last film, earned a net revenue of Rs 200 crore in India and a total revenue of over Rs 400 crore internationally.

 Shah Rukh's total earnings in 2023 amount to Rs 2600 crore, surpassing the individual revenues of all Tamil and Telugu films released in 2023

Overseas markets brought in a total of Rs. 2124 crore gross and Rs. 4617 crore net receipts for Bollywood films in the year 2023.

Shah Rukh's flicks made up 33% of Bollywood's domestic profits and 50% of its international earnings.