Serbian tennis player Dejana Radanovic has denied making 'racist' comments about India on her Instagram account.

Radanovic, who participated in three ITF tournaments in India, recently expressed her dissatisfaction with the country's facilities and food. 

Radanovic's comments sparked a social media uproar, with many calling for an apology from the tennis star. 

Radanovic clarified that her comments were directed towards India, not its people, and expressed her fondness for the locals. 

She also expressed dissatisfaction with traffic, food quality, and hygiene in India, stating she found the food unappealing, encountered traffic congestion, and observed poor hygiene practices. 

Radanovic refuted the accusations of racism, stating that she has friends from various nationalities and ethnic backgrounds. 

Despite the criticism, many social media users agreed with Radanovic's experiences regarding hygiene and traffic difficulties. 

Dejena Radanovic, a tennis player from Serbia, has been the subject of controversy regarding her Instagram account.