Seahawks Chair Jody Allen stated that Pete Carroll, the team's most successful coach, will become an advisor.

Carroll's tenure as Seahawks coach has been marked by a high number of wins, postseason appearances, and five NFC West crowns.

In 2023, the Seahawks were eliminated from playoff contention, continuing a streak of four seasons without making the postseason.

During Carroll's time at USC, the Trojans won two national titles and four Rose Bowls, becoming a dominant college football programme.

Carroll's approach to coaching was based on principles he established at USC, including fostering strong connections and caring for individuals.

Carroll's culture aims to cultivate confidence in individuals and foster personal growth, with a focus on understanding individuality and fostering trust.

Carroll's culture fostered the personal and athletic growth of his players, fostering an atmosphere where they felt valued.

Cliff Avril, a Seahawks legend, complimented Carroll's ability to engender trust and tolerance of individuality.