Republican presidential candidate Nikki Haley made an unexpected appearance on "Saturday Night Live" on February 3rd.

Haley made an attempt to make fun of Donald Trump, but the host, Ayo Edebiri, was able to outwit her.

 Edebiri asked Haley about the primary catalyst for the Civil War, which Haley admitted to not mentioning initially.

Haley referred to a town hall meeting that took place in December 2023, during which a voter inquired about the reason for the war.

Haley responded that the government's administration, individual liberties, and limitations imposed on people were the main causes of the Civil War.

It was criticized that Haley did not mention slavery in her response, which resulted in the criticism.

 In a radio interview, Haley retracted her previous statements and acknowledged the Civil War was primarily about slavery.

She emphasized the importance of freedom, personal liberty, economic liberty, and individual rights.

There were some people who voiced their disapproval of the show because it gave Haley more consideration than the other candidates.