St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in Staten Island is a popular haunted site known for its haunted atmosphere, attracting paranormal investigators due to its eerie and mysterious sounds.

The Chapel of the Cross in Madison, Mississippi, once owned by the Johnstone family, is haunted by Helen Johnstone's ghost, bells, noises, and ghostly children.

Egg Hill Church, reportedly haunted by a gruesome pastor who killed all parishioners and himself, is haunted by ghosts and vandalism.

St. Andrew's on the Red, Western Canada's oldest stone church, is believed to be haunted by former plague victims' spirits, causing ghosts, disembodied eyes, and nightmares.

Holy Trinity Church in Brooklyn is believed to be haunted by cemetery spirits, a belfry ghost, and a haunted pastor, causing unease and causing strange voices and sounds.

St. Nicholas Church in Pluckley, England, is haunted by 12 spirits, including the Watercress Woman, a schoolmaster, Lady Dering, Lady in Red, a miller, and a monk.

City Methodist Church in Gary closed 50 years after construction, despite being a gothic-style chapel. Disowned by congregants, it was eventually relinquished in the late 1970s, now spooky.

The All Saints Church, a 20th-century church surrounded by vegetation, is now a crumbling, camouflaged structure with benches and unknown graves, raising accessibility concerns.

Ukraine's Chernobyl nuclear disaster in 1986 left life deprived, leaving a haunting legacy. The deserted church remains a haunting reminder of modern civilization's history.

Oradour-sur-Glane, France, suffered a devastating massacre in 1944, with only 600 civilians surviving. Nazi soldiers separated men from women and children, executing them in a church fire.