Catherine, Princess of Wales, left the London Clinic private hospital after three nights after her prostate surgery.

The princess, wife of British heir Prince William, was admitted to the London Clinic on January 16 after surgery for a non-cancerous condition.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, underwent prostate surgery and is expected to return to work after 13 nights in the hospital.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, is recovering from prostate surgery and King Charles' health issues at Adelaide Cottage in Windsor.

King Charles visited Catherine, Princess of Wales, in a private hospital before her prostate surgery on Friday.

Catherine, Princess of Wales, will resume public duties after Easter due to prostate surgery and health issues with King Charles.

Prince William, the heir to the throne, has postponed his engagements to care for their three children.

British royals usually keep their medical issues private, so few details have been released about her illness or surgery.