Rossy Ogawa, co-founder of STARDOM, is leaving the organization due to allegations of "poaching" talent.

STARDOM's parent company, Bushiroad, terminated Ogawa's contract, citing allegations of talent acquisition.

Tony Khan's response suggests that AEW is not the intended recipient of Ogawa's recruitment efforts.

 WWE and STARDOM expressed interest in collaborating with STARDOM, but no mutually acceptable agreement was reached.

 AEW had previously attempted to recruit talent from STARDOM, but a mutually acceptable agreement was not reached.

STARDOM expressed interest in recruiting Kris Statlander, but the two parties were unable to reach an agreement.

Tony Khan views Ogawa's departure as advantageous for a potential AEW-STARDOM partnership, given AEW's existing collaboration with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Bushiroad, the owner of NJPW, chose to sell STARDOM to Bushiroad due to potential negative impact on the company's reputation.