Republic Day 2024 is a celebration that honours the adoption of the constitution in 1950 and marks the 75th anniversary of India's Republic Day.

The event showcases India's achievements, cultural heritage, and traditions through various tableaus and airshows by the Indian Army, Navy, and Air Force.

Both the rehearsals for the Republic Day Parade and the ceremonies for Beating the Retreat are currently taking place in the capital cities of all of India's states.

The specific date, historical context, significance, and theme of the Republic Day 2024 event have not yet been confirmed by our administrative staff.

India celebrates its 75th Republic Day on Friday, marking the annual celebration of the country's Republic Day on January 26.

Republic Day in India commemorates the adoption of the Indian Constitution on January 26, 1950, marking the country's independence from colonial rule and the democratic power of citizens.

Republic Day in India is a vibrant celebration marked by the President unfurling the national flag, military and cultural pageantry, Padma Awards, and live broadcasts of the parade.

Republic Day 2024 parade theme: 'Viksit Bharat', highlighting India's democracy role. Commences 10:30 am, New Delhi, with French President Macron as Chief Guest.