Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, who has ruled for over five decades, has announced her intention to abdicate in 2024.

In her annual New Year's Eve address, the 83-year-old queen announced her intention to step down in favor of her son, Crown Prince Frederik.

A reference to her future was made by Queen Margrethe II, who mentioned that she had a spinal operation in February of 2023.

In addition, Queen Margrethe II tested positive for COVID-19 following the burial of Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom.

A resounding majority of the Danish people have shown their support for Queen Margrethe II, who was born in 1940.

Following the passing of Queen Elizabeth II of Britain, Queen Margrethe II became the monarch in Europe who had served the longest and most consecutively.

Queen Margrethe II is known for her enthusiasm in archaeology and became the heir to her father's position in 1953.

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