The latest Powerball draw resulted in a prize of $12.2 million, bringing the total Powerball winnings to nearly $250 million.

A participant from Auckland who was present at MyLotto was the lucky winner of the 19th Powerball prize.

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Beginning in January, the prizes were $4.3 million, and by August, they had increased to $37.125 million.

The winter surprise was the third most substantial reward ever obtained by a solitary ticket in Lotto New Zealand history.

The runner-up for the largest win was $33.5 million, obtained at Fresh Choice supermarket in Christchurch

In October, the Powerball lottery awarded a prize of $24.25 million, making it the third-largest win in the history of the game.

The fourth-largest prize was $23.5 million, awarded during the initial Powerball drawing in downtown Auckland.

It is estimated that the total sum of all Powerball winnings for the year 2023 will amount to $256.075 million