Launches first all-electric SUV, the Macan, with 470 kW (639 PS) powertrains and optional electric models.

Features progressive, timeless design, Porsche performance, long-distance range, and high everyday practicality.

Uses latest permanently-excited PSM electric motors for maximum efficiency and power output reproducibility.

Features a 100-kWh lithium-ion battery in the underbody, with an Integrated Power Box (IPB) for increased efficiency.

Features Active Aerodynamics (PAA) system, adaptive rear spoiler, active cooling flaps, and flexible underbody covers.

Offers increased luggage capacity with rear seat backrest folding to 1,348 litres.with the

Features a black panel interior, large windows, modern digital user interfaces, infotainment system, augmented reality head-up display, and optional rear-axle steering.

Porsche's Macan all-electric model, expected in 2021, will feature air suspension, PASM electronic damping control, optional rear-axle steering, and a compact turning circle.