Canadian Minister for Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Marc Miller proposes a reduction in the number of international students entering Canada.

Miller cites the unmanageable system and the significant number of approximately 900,000 international students currently enrolled in Canadian educational institutions.

India has the highest number of international students compared to any other country, with 215,910 individuals as of November 2023.

Canada has allocated CA$ 20,635 for new study permit applicants starting January 1, 2023, and mandated designated learning institutions to authenticate acceptance letters by October 2023.

Miller emphasizes the need for dialogues with provincial governments to ensure effective measures to decrease the quantity of issues they are encountering.

The speaker emphasizes the need for thorough examination of academic institutions across various Canadian provinces to capitalize on the potential rise in international students.

Miller also emphasizes the importance of addressing the number of immigrants and the particular ramifications it is having in specific areas.

The Canadian government is considering imposing a restriction on the number of international students to address the housing crisis and the growing issue of unemployment and housing shortage.