The podcast co-hosts discuss Brian Peck, a guest star on Season 5 of "Boy Meets World," discussing grooming, childhood sexual abuse, and their impact on victims.

Peck was found guilty of sexually assaulting an unidentified child actor from Nickelodeon in 2004, serving a 16-month prison sentence for eight counts of sexual abuse. 

Peck's close relationship with the co-hosts was characterized by their social interaction outside of work, despite their age difference of almost 20 years. 

Peck's sexual assault was a result of a younger individual's persistent manipulation and exploitation. 

Peck's plea deal was only one admission, but he was facing multiple charges, of which he was unaware. 

Peck requested support in court from Strong and Friedle, who wrote letters to the judge endorsing Peck. 

The stars of the television show Boy Meets World give their accounts of the predatory behaviour of Brian Peck. 

'Cowboy Hats' were purchased by the cast members of Matthew Lawrence's 'Boy Meets World' for their respective reptiles.