Pattaya Police have increased the number of patrols and safety measures they take on Pattaya Beach, according to The Pattaya News.

According to the Pattaya police, illegal activities are not taking place in the pubs and bars located on Walking Street. 

A marijuana shop that was also selling nitrous balloons was the target of a search warrant that was carried out by the Pattaya Police Department. 

During the New Year celebrations in Pattaya City, the Pattaya Police Department has increased the level of security measures that are in place. 

Pattaya police were able to apprehend Thaiger for the crime of extorting the son of a senior officer in the Issan police department. 

One of the con artists who works in the real estate market has been taken into custody by the Pattaya police | Thaiger 

It was reported that four South Koreans were arrested in Pattaya for operating an illegal online gambling business | Thaiger 

There were eight kilograms of crystal methamphetamine that were taken into custody by Thaiger at the Pattaya police station in Bangkok.