Ozzy Osbourne, the singer, has accused Kanye West of illegally sampling his music. Kanye West has denied the allegations. 

Osbourne denied West's request to include a segment of a 1983 live rendition of the Black Sabbath track "War Pigs" on his latest album. 

Osbourne attributed the refusal to his anti-Semitic beliefs and the emotional distress he has caused to many individuals. 

Sharon Osbourne, the Osbourne family's wife, expressed her strong opposition to West's use of the song. 

West's previous anti-Semitic remarks, including a reference to "death con 3," were labeled as "vicious antisemite" by Joe Biden and the Anti-Defamation League. 

Legal action has been taken by Sharon and Ozzy, who have written a letter to Kanye demanding that he stop his behavior.  

Sharon and Ozzy believe West's antisemitism is unacceptable and considers Ye's recent behavior a nonstarter. 

Sharon and Ozzy believe Ye symbolizes hatred and is characterized as a disrespectful individual with anti-Semitic views.