Genius: MLK/X" is a television series that follows the lives of Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, who were slain at the age of 39.

 "Curb Your Enthusiasm" is set to launch on February 4 on HBO in the US and February 5 on Sky Comedy and Now in the UK.

It has been decided that the first episode of "One Day" will be made available on Netflix on February 8th.

High fashion, historical events, and drama set during the conflict are all components that are included into the series.

Noomi Rapace is the actress that portrays Jo, an astronaut who is entangled in a precarious scenario. Jo is undergoing a risky circumstance.

Daniel Dae Kim has been decided to play the role of Fire Lord Ozai in the next movie, which will include a cast of unknown performers.

Both the actors and the creators of the show are unique, with Stephanie Hsu and Keke Palmer being among the individuals involved.

The decision has been reached to arrange the premiere of the FX series 'Shōgun' for the month of February for the purpose of scheduling the launch.