A 7.5 magnitude earthquake hit Ishikawa prefecture, causing tsunami waves exceeding one metre in height, house collapse, fire outbreak, and highway destruction.

The Noto Peninsula was severely affected, with buildings ravaged by fire, dwellings leveled, fishing boats submerged or stranded, and roadways impacted by landslides.

The earthquake resulted in the death of at least 48 individuals, with the death toll expected to increase as rescuers search through debris.

The disaster response meeting confirmed significant devastation, including a high number of casualties, structural collapses, and conflagrations.

Over 33,000 households experienced a power outage due to cold temperatures overnight, and many cities lacked access to running water.

The fire and disaster management service instructed a grand total of 62,000 individuals to leave, and approximately 1,000 individuals were residing at a military base.

High-speed trains were halted, causing tremors in apartments located almost 300 kilometers from Tokyo, forcing Emperor Naruhito to cancel the public New Year's Day greeting event in Tokyo.

The nuclear regulatory agency of Japan confirmed the absence of any irregularities at the Shika atomic power station in Ishikawa or any other nuclear facilities following the recent earthquake.