Nestle India's share price dropped by around 2% at the start of trading on Friday due to the stock trading ex-split.

A low of Rs 2,657 per share was reached by the stock during the trading dasThe tock reached an intraday low of Rs 2,657 per share

Nestle India's shares will likely be examined by investors and analysts after the stock subdivision made them cheaper

The record date for the stock split is set for January 5, 2024, with a ratio of 1:10

 The board of Nestle India has made a strategic decision to increase the affordability of the company's shares, expected to increase trading volume

 The share price is predicted to adjust to approximately Rs 2,700 per share after the stock split

Nestle, Bajaj Auto & TCPL are 3 Nifty cos to share March quarter results today

Nestle India among stocks to remain in news today