David McCallum, an actor who passed away at the age of 90, was honoured with a tribute on the television show NCIS. 

McCallum, the final original cast member on NCIS, played the eccentric yet effective investigator Donald "Ducky Mallard." 

The episode, "The Stories We Leave Behind," began with Jimmy Palmer (played by Brian Dietzen) discovering his mentor's death in bed. 

A sizeable quantity of thistles was sent out by the Scottish Parliament as a public display of respect for the passing of McCallum.  

McCallum's life was described by the director Leon Vance as being both lengthy and full of accomplishments due to the fact that it was so.  

Recollections of scenes from earlier seasons were included in the episode as a way to express gratitude to McCallum for his contributions.  

The memorial will be emotional for long-time viewers, especially elder fans who remember McCallum's extensive career. 

Dietzen, McCallum's main scene partner for 20 seasons, expressed a desire to offer catharsis through the episode.