The Washington Wizards (7-37), led by Tyus Jones, will face the Detroit Pistons (5-39), led by Jaden Ivey.

The most recent game that the Pistons played against the Hornets was a victory for them, with the final score being 113-106.

In addition to scoring 34 points, Bojan Bogdanovic led the Wizards in grabbing four rebounds and dishing out four assists.

A live feed of this game between the Pistons will be available on FuboTV for anybody to watch while the game is in progress.

Brian Keefe will take over as head coach of the Wizards, and he will exercise his authority over the squad from the sidelines.

The Warriors, who are sometimes referred to as the Pistons, are the ones who come out on top against their opponents.

The team's fortunes remained unchanged after the shift, with the Utah Jazz defeating the Washington team.

The Pistons will play the Oklahoma City Thunder on Sunday, which will be the final game of the set of home games they have played.