A tornado hit Fort Lauderdale, Florida on January 6, causing extensive destruction and widespread power failures.

The tornado occurred near the intersection of Las Olas Boulevard and the Intracoastal Waterway, causing destruction to homes, snapped power lines, and scattered debris.

Residents have posted videos on social media showing a substantial tornado in the city centre, creating disturbance and leaving behind fires and sparks.

Chief Garrett Pingol of Fort Lauderdale Fire Rescue Battalion said the tornado formed before 6 p.m. and hit nearby structures, power lines, and marine vessels.

Residents expect to receive many reports of possible damage after the storm, but the extent of the damage is unknown.

After investigating reports and radar indications of a possible tornado near Federal Highway and Las Olas, the National Weather Service will confirm on Sunday.

In Canada, an apparent tornado made contact with the ground on Saturday evening, resulting in extensive distress and destruction.

Tornado hits Fort Lauderdale near Las Olas Commissioner Steve Glassman said the tornado hit Fire Station 49 and moved north on State Road A1A, forcing people to shelter there.