Monique, an Academy Award-winning actress, rekindled her feud with comedian D.L. Hughley on Club Shay Shay on February 7, 2024

 The feud began in May 2022 when Monique criticized Hughley about a contractual disagreement regarding the rightful main performer of a live comedy event in Detroit.

In her comparison, Monique drew parallels between her own experiences of sexual abuse and those of Hughley's daughter, Ryan Nicole Shepard.

 Hughley criticized Monique for not adequately explaining the situation when she mentioned the trauma.

 Hughley expressed remorse for not trusting his daughter's account and criticized the actress for bringing up "s*xual trauma" in an unrelated argument.

In her statement, Mo'Nique expressed her desire to distance herself from both her brother and the interview.

She accused Oprah of betraying her by informing her about her brother's appearance on the show while leaving the rest of her family uninformed.

Mo'Nique found herself in a predicament as she became the target of disapproval and analysis regarding her mother after the interview was broadcast.