Mischa Barton, a 17-year-old actress, shares her off-screen relationship with Ben McKenzie on The O.C.

There is a relationship between Mischa Barton and Ben McKenzie that exists outside of the realm of the screen. 

Barton's first relationship with McKenzie was off-screen, and she was unaware of what she was doing. 

The relationship ended abruptly, leading to a complicated situation as they started dating early in the show. 

Barton describes her three-season stint on the show as feeling longer due to the condensed nature of the experience.  

She shared her experience of being bullied and vulnerable while working on the show, feeling pressured to lose her virginity. 

She felt a significant pressure to engage in sexual activity with men in their thirties, not only from her boyfriend but also from society 

Mischa Barton Reflects On Secret Relationship With 'The O.C.' Co-Star Ben McKenzie, Reveals Producers Were