Indian Navy's elite marine commandos boarded the hijacked Liberian ship MV Lila Norfolk in the North Arabian Sea.

The INS Chennai, a destroyer of the Kolkata class, is currently docked in Mumbai. Mumbai is the location where the destroyer is located.

The Chennai ship inspected the MV Lila Norfolk on January 5th, with the Indian Navy's Marine Commandos aboard.

The ship was subjected to constant monitoring using Maritime Patrol Aircraft, Predator MQ9B, and integrated helicopters.

The ship, believed to have twelve Indian crew members, was boarded by five to six unidentified individuals.

The Indian Navy seized MV Lila Norfolk, a hijacked bulk carrier, in the Arabian Sea. The Indian Navy was able to save the vessel.

This information was sent to Maritime Trade Operations in the United Kingdom by the cargo ship that was involved in the incident.

A maritime patrol plane was sent out by the Navy, and the Indian Navy ship Chennai was rerouted off its original course.