The BE 05 concept serves as the basis for the Rall E, which is an off-road racing vehicle that is built on said foundation.

 Features include round headlamps, new lighting DRL, ample cladding bumper, larger off-road tires, and an elevated stance.

In order to make the bumper and taillamps of the BE.05 concept vehicle more suitable for off-roading, various modifications have been made to them.

It is possible to store a battery pack and a spare tire inside the carrier that is mounted on the roof.

Mahindra has introduced the Be Rall-E, a concept four-wheel drive vehicle that is fully electric and has an off-road orientation.

Included in the BE lineup is the forthcoming standard BE.05 SUV, which is scheduled to make its debut in India the following year.

An increased number of electric sport utility vehicles will be added to the lineup of XUVs, which will be expanded to include more options.

Additionally, there will be a version of the Thar model that is entirely powered by electricity. This version will be available.