A bronze statue measuring 19 feet in height has been erected in honor of Kobe Bryant outside of the downtown arena of the Los Angeles Lakers.

Kobe Bryant, a current member of the Los Angeles Lakers, is depicted in an unsigned 8x10 photograph that measures 81 inches | eBay 

For those interested, Pxfuel offers high-definition wallpapers that feature Kobe Bryant, who is considered to be the Most Valuable Player. 

Here are five of the most memorable moments that Kobe Bryant has experienced while playing for the Washington Wizards. 

Through the course of the auction, Kobe Bryant's final Lakers road uniform and sneakers were purchased for a combined sum of $486,000. 

Check out the sneaker that Kobe Bryant wore during his most successful scoring performances | Complex. Mamba Moments: Check Out the Sneakers That He Wore 

Photographs of Kobe Bryant that were taken at various points in his career are the subject of a report by WTOP News. 

It has been determined by USS Feed that Kobe Bryant is the most talented player in the league during this particular period of three months.