Despite the fact that the Lakers are going through a rough patch, the Jazz are able to prevail against them owing to Lauri Markkanen.  

Due to the efforts of Markkanen and Clarkson, the Jazz were able to triumph over the Lakers, who are not a very strong team. 

The performance of Markkanen is largely responsible for the Jazz's victory over the Lakers, which they achieved by a score of 130-116. 

In a game against the Lakers, the Jazz were victorious thanks to an SLC Dunk, which was spearheaded by Markkanen and Clarkson. 

Who is the NBA's Most Improved Player of the Year, also known as Lauri Markkanen, who plays for the Utah Jazz? 

It is undeniable that Lauri Markkanen has evolved into a player who is becoming increasingly important for the Utah Jazz. 

A Jazz F According to a disheartening playoff statistic, Lauri Markkanen is in the near top spot. - Inside the Jazz 

Despite the fact that Jazz is now playing against the Bulls, Lauri Markkanen is off to a strong start.