The week's top tech news includes the launch of OnePlus's OnePlus 12 series and reports of Microsoft and Salesforce staff layoffs.

OnePlus unveils OnePlus 12 series, featuring high-performance chipset, vivid display, and 100W fast charger. Priced ₹64,999, OnePlus 12R starts at ₹39,999 in India.

Microsoft is reducing its workforce by 1,900 at Activision Blizzard and Xbox, according to an internal memo from CEO Phil Spencer.

Salesforce is reducing its global workforce by nearly 1%, following a wave of layoffs in tech companies like Amazon and Google.

Apple plans to enhance Siri's AI capabilities with iOS 18, integrating OpenAI's ChatGPT API, as revealed in iOS 17.4 beta, enhancing Siri's AI capabilities.

Spotify CEO Daniel Ek criticized Apple's proposed App Store changes, calling them vague, misleading, and a new low for the company. He argued Apple's arrogance and false pretense of compliance were a farce.

Microsoft is forming a new team to develop conversational AI with lower processing power, moving top developers from its research group to the new-Gen AI team.

GTA fans are speculating about a connection between GTA 6 and Vice City, with a building in the trailer attracting interest despite differences between the two games.