Korean vocalist IU and BTS member V have released a new song, "Love Wins All," which has achieved an All Kill certification.

iTunes users all across the globe have shown a growing interest in the song, which was first published on January 4th.

South Korean All-Kills are songs that top several iChart platforms, including real-time, daily, and weekly.

IU is preparing to make her first appearance in North America during the H.E.R. World Tour from July 15th to August 2nd.

 The intimate relationship between IU and BTS' V was revealed after their joint effort on the music video for "Love Wins All."

After the release of 'Love Wins All,' the first contact between BTS' V and IU, which took place eleven years ago, went viral.

The partnership between IU and V was revealed on an episode of IU's personal program, IU's Palette, broadcast on September 12, 2023.

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