A photograph of Orlando Bloom that was taken during a recent shoot for Perfect magazine was reposted by Katy Perry. 

Bloom, 47, shared the photos on her Instagram Story, asking her followers if they enjoyed the outfits. 

Since Valentine's Day 2019, the couple has been engaged, and they take pleasure in dressing up and taking photos with a theme.  

For a party that had a theme, Perry shared photographs of the couple dressed in costumes that resembled couture aliens. The party was themed.  

Bloom looked fashionable in a black suit jacket, despite the fact that the prosthetics he wore gave him the appearance of having alien ears.  

Perry referred to the three-month sober pact as a chance to reset and allow her body to recover after President's Day. 

Perry refrained from alcohol consumption during the weekdays and occasionally enjoyed it on weekends. 

An information that has come to light concerns the 'pact' that Katy Perry has made with her partner in order to keep her sobriety throughout her life.