Jennifer Lopez, a prominent figure on TikTok, has been embracing the "mob wife" aesthetic, which involves showcasing luxurious fur, gold jewelry, and logo-adorned accessories.

Lopez wore a relaxed outfit in New York City, featuring a screen-printed t-shirt, white wide-leg pants, snow boots, a white baseball cap, large golden hoop earrings, and a vanilla fur jacket.

She incorporated vibrant hues into her ensemble with two bags: a pistachio-colored crossbody bag and a Gucci duffle bag with her nickname.

Lopez has been busy in the early part of the year, attending numerous events during Paris Couture Week and a family gathering in Los Angeles.

 On February 1, she returned to New York City, bringing back her memorable fashion trend from the 2000s, "Jenny from the Block."

 She wore a neon yellow crossbody bag and a Gucci monogram duffle bag, both featuring neon yellow leather trimming and the name "JLO."

Lopez has shown a more assertive approach to high-end fashion this year, incorporating the hair bow trend with a touch of high-glam.

 She has also showcased eye-catching outfits during Paris Couture Week, including a coat adorned with rose petals and an emerald gown at Elie Saab.